Pathfinder RPG: Skulls & Shackles


Probably the worst thing that could happen to any crew on the Fever Sea is to have an encounter with the Deathknell.  A terrible ghost ship captained by a legendary sea zombie known as Whalebone Pilk. The ship was covered in seaweed and brine with a eerie green luminescent aura falling all over the rails and hull of this decrepit vessel.

The Menagerie was nearly rammed by this dark vessel but Dimitri managed to pull a quick hard to starboard manuever to avoid that fate.  But perhaps all it did was avoid inevitability.  As the ship keeled to starboard, the Deathknell fell inbetween both vessels and began casting siege lines around the ships.  

With brine zombies fast climbing the decks of both ships in Commodore Dimitri's fleet, the crew sprung into action trying to defend their newly captured ships from certain doom. Ordering most of his crew below decks, Dimitri and his officers held off one undead abomination after another, eventually boarding the Deathknell to take on Whalebone Pilk himself. 

The subsequent battle was pitched and filled with dread. As zombies were killed, more took their place, climbing yard lines and the hull to reach their victims.  Finally engaging Pilk, Dimitri took him on directly, as the dread captain laughed at him behind a bone filled grin, his magical seeking harpoon trying to impale the captain of the Menagerie and his bones to the bow of Pilk's ship.

Again, a harrowing bell began to toll once again from within the bowls of the Deathknell. High above in the crow's nest of the Menagerie, Typhon called out shots out to others getting attacked himself from a slimy zombie its attacks useless against his prowress.



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