Pathfinder RPG: Skulls & Shackles


Probably the worst thing that could happen to any crew on the Fever Sea is to have an encounter with the Deathknell.  A terrible ghost ship captained by a legendary sea zombie known as Whalebone Pilk. The ship was covered in seaweed and brine with a eerie green luminescent aura falling all over the rails and hull of this decrepit vessel.

The Menagerie was nearly rammed by this dark vessel but Dimitri managed to pull a quick hard to starboard manuever to avoid that fate.  But perhaps all it did was avoid inevitability.  As the ship keeled to starboard, the Deathknell fell inbetween both vessels and began casting siege lines around the ships.  

With brine zombies fast climbing the decks of both ships in Commodore Dimitri's fleet, the crew sprung into action trying to defend their newly captured ships from certain doom. Ordering most of his crew below decks, Dimitri and his officers held off one undead abomination after another, eventually boarding the Deathknell to take on Whalebone Pilk himself. 

The subsequent battle was pitched and filled with dread. As zombies were killed, more took their place, climbing yard lines and the hull to reach their victims.  Finally engaging Pilk, Dimitri took him on directly, as the dread captain laughed at him behind a bone filled grin, his magical seeking harpoon trying to impale the captain of the Menagerie and his bones to the bow of Pilk's ship.

Again, a harrowing bell began to toll once again from within the bowls of the Deathknell. High above in the crow's nest of the Menagerie, Typhon called out shots out to others getting attacked himself from a slimy zombie its attacks useless against his prowress.

Villages Asunder!

With the deviousness of insert Larry's character name and Dimitri, after raiding two villages along an archipelago of islands southeast of Mataku Isle, they were able convince the village leaders to cooperate with the crew of the Menagerie in exchange for a share of the bounty from trade and mutual defense against perhaps, the Chelish navy or the other Free Captains of the Shackles.

The villages of Isla Coconut and Oppara's Reach both declared for Dimitri and his crew though they are all wary of them.  With new found plunder and resources, they set off for the larger ports to the east. Though with the destruction of a Chelish naval vessel, the infamy that Dimitri and the others crave might be just what they wanted – or it could be a liability they can't deal with.  Only time will tell. 

Captains log #1

It has finally happened. After years of dreaming about it, I'm finally the captain of my own pirate ship. It was not easy, but in the end it was worth it. 

After making my way to Port Peril to follow my dream, I was abducted by the man known as Captain Harrigan. Working as a slave on his ship, I knew that I couldn't accept this. I was not brought into this world to be someone's slave. He sent his right hand man,  Mr. Plugg to beat us and work us to the bones.  Knowing that almost all of his crew were slaves, I decided a mutiny was going to be the best option. Conspiring against the corrupt captain seemed easy at first, since everyone hated him. But then an unexpected turn took place. 

We came up to a merchant ship called  "A Mans Promise". The poor bastards never knew it was coming. Their captain was a good fighter, and after it seemed they were doomed, I convinced her to lay down her weapon. She was someone with talent I could use for the mutiny. After all was said and done, Harrigan did something unexpected. He sent us with Mr. Plugg and Scourge on the new ship to get it "a new look". My plan got easier at that point. The captain seemed very strong, but his lackey seemed much easier to deal with. 

Mr. Plugg decided on his own to betray Harrigan, and keep the ship for himself. But the foolish "would-be" Captain couldn't navigate the damn thing well, and run us into a reef causing damage to the new ship. Sending me and my new friends to a local island for food and supplies, we decided it was time. We would take the ship, kill Plugg, and start our own band of pirate adventurers. Mr. Plugg must have caught wind somehow, for while we were gone he executed some of my new found allies. As we arrived back to the ship with supplies in tow. I noticed that his men were armed and ready for our arrival. We boarded the ship and brought the fight directly to him. Scourge was stronger than I thought, 1 solid hit from him, and I felt like my life was draining before my eyes. But my allies and I wouldn't give up. We were not going to let these bastards roam the waters any longer. We were not going to forget the men and women he slayed after he sent us to the island. We were not going to forget all the times he beat us on Harrigans ship. No, his time had finally come. After the battle we kept him alive for a little longer. Cutting off his hands and feet and hanging him off of the gangplank. In no time his blood attracted the sharks, we knew it would. The last thing he saw before we cut him loose to feed the sharks, was the satisfied faces of those of us who were left. I told them, if anyone wanted to look away, now was the chance. No one did. For our friends he killed, and for the pain be caused everyone, we all wanted to see his end. I cut the ropes and watched as the sharks feasted on him. 

My friends who are no longer here, you have been avenged. I pour this drink for you. 

- Captain Dimitri

Port Peril
Work and Glory

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