Any Port in a Storm

After having captured one vessel and looted another, along with a couple village raids, the crew of the Menagerie have been emboldened by their recent successes. But Commodore Dimitri knows that he and his crew of recent press-ganged officers are still in great danger from Captain Harrigan and others that want revenge.

To stop this – Dimitri needs to steer his crew and ships to sell his captured plunder and perhaps gain some reputation. But where to do it? The neutral ports of Bloodcove and Senghor on the Mwangi Coast could be ideal.  Or further south, head to Crown's End.  They all cater to smugglers, pirates and slavers, the exception being Senghor which doesn't tolerate slavers.  

Bloodcove has a disreputable reputation according to Fishgut, but there are a lot of options it being a small city.  Senghor is basically a large metropolis, while Crown's End is a small town.  The decision and its rewards and consequences rest with the crew of the Menagerie !

<u>Next Session: Saturday, October 14th 2017 10:45am Start  to about 4:45pm</u>

Pathfinder RPG: Skulls & Shackles

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